New Paper shows how urban metabolism methods can improve quality of life in informal areas

on April 30, 2015 by Sven Eberlein articles and Tags: , , , , , with 0 comments

Cairo University Professor Dr. Sahar Attia and Associate Professor Dr. Heba Allah E. Khalil have just released their most recent research (Urban Metabolism and Quality of Life in Informal Areas) on using the urban metabolism methodology not only as a quantifying, analyzing tool to measure material flows in informal urban areas but as a more […]

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Dr. Heba Khalil presents Imbaba neighborhood in Cairo

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Earlier this week, Dr. Heba Khalil from EWM’s Cairo team gave a fantastic presentation as part of our inaugural webinar on the important topic of research justice. We recorded her talk about her team’s challenges and successes in collecting data from and engaging with the community in Cairo’s Imbaba neighborhood, and wanted to share it […]

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Ecocitizen Report from Imbaba, Cairo

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Our Cairo EWM team at the architectural department of Cairo University just completed their Ecocitizen Report of the Imbaba neighborhood. It’s a very insightful document, chronicling the amazing on-the-ground surveys and findings in great detail. Below is the full report, click here to download the pdf.

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