Perhaps the most impressive feature of Medellín’s metro transit is the world renowned metro cablé, a network of cable car systems that has revolutionized mobility and accessibility for people, particularly in the poorest and often most violent communities that line the valley of Medellin’s mountainous region. The six cable car lines are an integral part of the metro system of Medellin, connecting the hilly areas of Medellin with the city center. Things like going shopping, getting to school, or seeing a doctor that used to take residents all day on foot or by (unreliable) bus are now a comfortable and scenic 25 minute ride down the mountainside, including transfer to the metro for about 60 cents.

Medellín Metrocable. Photo: Colombia Travel/Creative Commons


Metrocable, Medellín
Metrocable, Medellín, photo by Colombia Travel/Creative Commons
Esperanzas multicolores
Esperanzas multicolores, photo by il Castigliano/Creative Commons
Metrocable Station, photo by juanktru/Creative Commons
Metrocable Medellín
Metrocable Medellín, photo by Álvaro/Creative Commons
The Medellin metrocable, Colombia
Medellin Metrocable, by dw_globalideas/Creative Commons
Metro Medellín, Estación La Aurora
Metro Medellín, Estación La Aurora, photo by Omar Uran/Creative Commons
Medellin, Comuna 13, Metro Cable 2009
Comuna 13, Metro Cable, photo by Omar Uran/Creative Commons
La Línea J, La Aurora, Esteban Sanín Ángel/Creative Commons


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