Medellín River Park (Parque del Rio Medellin)

The proposal “Medellín River Botanical Park” (Parque Botánico del Río Medellín), submitted by Latitud Taller de Arquitectura y Ciudad, was chosen as the winner of an international competition that sought strategic development of the 424 hectares surrounding 28 kilometers of the channelized river bifurcating the metropolitan area to make space for recreation, sports, and nature. The first phase will cover the areas along the river between San Juan and 30th Streets, transforming the nearby green areas and road interchanges. True to its collaborative spirit, the City and designers have asked the public what the best uses would be for the public spaces under the bridges that cross the river. The 10 best ideas will be presented at the World Urban Forum in April.

Parque Botánico del Río Medellín
Sketch of Parque Botánico del Río Medellín