Casablanca: Transformation through Citizen Participation

Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco, is located on the Atlantic coast. With a new tramway system and pedestrian-friendly city center, the city has taken steps towards urban renewal and environmental sustainability. As the hub for industrial production in the country, however, the city’s water resources and air quality continue to be impacted by uncontrolled solid waste dumping and unenforced emissions regulations.
Ecocity Builders and Mundiapolis University are collaborating to develop and implement an educational program to support citizen engagement and participatory information technologies for sustainable urban planning. The project is framed as an invitation for all Casablanca citizens to be engaged in a process of continuous improvement and sharing in order to ensure the long-term health of communities and natural systems. The project pilot has been led in part by civil society organizations working in the neighborhood of Roches Noires, where residents worked with students to undertake surveys and environmental testing to produce visualization resources on quality of life, resource use and environmental toxicity.

Casablanca: Ecocitizen Map

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