Cairo: People Powered Urban Mapping

The Greater Cairo Region (GCR) is the largest and most densely built area in Egypt. Its population is among the largest around the world, around eighteen million inhabitants. Its annual urban growth rate of 3.7% and an average density of 400 persons per hectare have had major impacts on its urban quality. Severe air and water pollution rates have been recorded, resulting in 2.1% of deaths caused by high air pollution levels. Additionally, there are more than five million vehicles in the streets, following a dramatic rise in automobile ownership (114/1000 vehicle/persons).
Cairo’s urban sustainability is being affected by its diverse urban environments; planned vs. informal districts, old vs. inner vs. suburb regions. They have affected quality of life, urban equity, and quality of services. A number of initiatives that promote more sustainable living and ecological consumption have been enacted during the last decade. However, Cairians have been challenged to adopt more ecologically healthy lifestyles not only because of a burdened infrastructure but to raise awareness of their global footprint and their accelerated consumption of land and resources.
The collaboration between Ecocity Builders and Cairo University for the Cairo pilot project highlights many of its infrastructural and lifestyle challenges. By bringing attention to the differences in lifestyles and infrastructure, citizens, researchers, urban planners, universities, and municipalities can gain an understanding of environmental impacts, and ultimately, on the global consumption map.
Imbaba, one of the areas the pilot has focused on, has been partially surveyed by a community-based organization collaborating with the local community, as well as senior architecture students that have engaged the citizens of Imbaba in exchanging knowledge about collecting and visualizing data on local resource consumption, quality of life and elements of urban environmental quality.
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Cairo: Ecocitizen Map

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