The Project

Our Mission

To strengthen sustainable life ways and urban systems within a placed-based cultural context while increasing social awareness with a broad vision that promotes public participation, integration, cooperation, equity and social justice.

Our Vision

The Ecocitizen World Map Project begins with the belief that if we all take coordinated actions towards a shared vision of sustainable and equitable development, we can address even the most serious problems facing our Earth and its inhabitants. We call this the Ecozoic Era, an emerging epoch where humanity lives in a mutually enriching relationship with the planet’s larger community of life.

Our Method

The EcoCitizen World Map Project provides tools and data for sustainable development at the urban level and tests a replicable methodology to link community crowd-­sourced data and information to national, regional and global data sets. The Project demonstrates the efficacy of crowd-­sourced data at the urban scale and provides tools and training to citizens, public officials and others who want to ensure a more sustainable and equitable urban environment through more informed decision-­making.

Mobile mapping technology is used in combination with open-­source tools for environmental exploration and investigation to assess, measure, and plan for increasing the health and resilience of urban systems and neighborhoods, to chart the progress of social and environmental sustainability and to identify barriers to improving quality of life.

Project training provides hands-­on experience with spatial data collection using smart phones and tablets as well as low cost open source tools for civic science in order to increase public participation and data legibility around the collection of high quality, environmentally and socially relevant data. Citizen reports are layered over authoritative data for visualization and analysis through an online map portal to provide decision-­makers at every level with additional insights and bottom-­up motivation for more sustainable living, planning and urban design.

Our Foundation

Scientific and sociological underpinnings of the Project are based on the International Ecocity Framework and Standards Initiative (IEFS), currently under development by NGO Ecocity Builders and its international expert advisory, and in consultation with the UNISDR’s “Making Cities Resilient Campaign” and UN-­‐HABITAT’s World Urban Campaign and Resilient Cities Profiling Program.

graphicThe complete urban ecosystem.