The Team

Core Team

Kirstin Miller | Executive Director | Ecocity Builders

KirstinKirstin leads the organization’s program development, global initiatives and activities. She works locally and internationally to help cities access ecocity knowledge, integrating city-based experiences from a diverse range of perspectives. She is an international speaker and presenter on ecocity design, technology, development and citizen participation. Kirstin is the lead facilitator of the Ecocitizen World Map Project, guiding the diverse talent from all over the globe in the creation of this extraordinary undertaking.

Ashoka Finley | Projects Facilitator | Ecocity Builders

ashoka-finleyAshoka is a creative and dynamic project leader with diverse management experience and media expertise in developing online presence and visibility through social media platforms. Holding a degree in Political Economy from UC Berkeley, he specializes in innovative technological approaches to community driven engagement related to sustainability and implementation at the local level. Ashoka is an integral part of the Ecocitizen World Map Project, working with the pilot city teams on everything from developing curricula to setting up bootcamps for citizen experts.

Holly Pearson | Community Planning Manager | Ecocity Builders

Holly-sqHolly is an urban planner specializing in local strategies to promote sustainability, with an interest in cities in the U.S. as well as in the global south. She has worked as a planner for the cities of Vancouver, BC, and Oakland and San Francisco, California. She has also worked with Fundación Biosfera, an environmental NGO in Argentina, on a climate action program for the city of La Plata. She holds a master’s degree in Planning and a professional certificate in International Development from the University of British Columbia. Holly is currently managing the EcoCitizen World Map pilot project in Lima, Peru.

Sven Eberlein | Community Liaison | Ecocity Builders

svenhat-square2Sven is a writer and whole systems thinker whose work has been published in YES! Magazine, Grist, Ode, Planetizen, Resurgence, among others. He has been intimately involved in the advancement of ecologically healthy cities as a member of the Ecocity Builders communications team and a core advisor for the International Ecocity Framework & Standards Initiative. Sven is the community liaison for EWM, from web mastering and social media to communications with team members and ecocitizens.

Associate Team

Scott F. Allen | GIS Analyst | The Onyx Group

scott_allenScott brings over seven years of combined experience managing projects, developing enterprise geographic information systems and producing maps for government agencies and NGOs. His works have been published by the American Geophysical Union, Journal of Pacific Archaeology, and the Journal of Archaeological Science. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Urban Regional Planning at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Scott has supported the Ecocitizen World Map Project by helping design and manage the enterprise geographic information system which houses geospatial data provided by municipalities and collected in the field. He has also been involved with creating webmaps to display this data in an open, online environment.

Milind Joshi | Webmaster/Server Administrator | Institute for Conscious Global Change

milind_joshiMilind holds a masters degree from University of Pune (India) and also holds certifications in networking and programming. Milind owns a software consultancy firm in Mumbai (India) and provides solutions to clients. He is instrumental in helping to connect the Ushahidi and GIS teams and streamline the interface between the two.

Shannon McElvaney | Global Industry Manager, Community Development | Esri

G51603_ShannonMcElvaney_15cutShannon is the Community Development Manager at Esri and a geodesign evangelist working on developing tools that will enable people to design, build, and maintain livable, sustainable, healthy communities. Most recently, he is the author of a new book of ‘Geodesign: Case Studies in Regional and Urban Planning’.

Carmelle J. Terborgh, Ph.D. | Lead Account Manager, NonProfits and Global Organizations | Esri

Terborgh2012-smallDr. Terborgh has over 20 years of experience working with GIS. She currently leads the Esri Global Affairs team where she has worked for 17 years. She has also worked at UNITAR and the World Bank. Dr. Terborgh received a Ph.D. in geography from SUNY at Buffalo in 1999.

Marsha S. Goldberg, Ph.D. | GeoInformation for Sustainable Urban Management and Resilience Project Manager (GeoSUMR) | Association of American Geographers

dave-ron-placeholderDr. Goldberg has a doctorate in City and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. For the GeoSUMR project she is organizing a five-day workshop in Casablanca providing hands-on training in the use of geospatial technology and information, and a forum for the exchange of information on applications for addressing urban issues. She is also creating a Web Portal to provide a centralized location for workshop materials as well as a mechanism for facilitating communication and networking among workshop participants.

Greg Felter | Master in Engineering for Sustainable Development | University of Cambridge

greg-FelterGreg studied “Water Supply Challenges in Cities as a Result of Urbanization” for his dissertation. He has experience in both design and construction management of water and wastewater infrastructure projects through employment with Veolia Water North America and Psomas Engineering. Greg is helping the Ecocitizen World Map team to develop assessment criteria for citizens to evaluate the quality of water and infrastructure in the cities of Cairo and Casablanca.

Dr. Philip Mansfield | Director of Graphics | Graphical Memes

Philip_MansfieldPhilip is a computer scientist and mathematician (Ph.D. Mathematical Physics, Yale). In 1999 he became co-founder and President of Schema Software Inc., a private company focussed on data conversion and Web graphics. In 2005 he sold the company to Apple, and he worked as a Research Scientist on Apple’s Core Graphics team until the end of 2012.

Dr. Sebastian Moffatt | Director of Memes | Graphical Memes

Sebastian_MoffattSebastian is an urban designer and planner (Ph.D. Architecture, Karlsruhe; M.Sc. Resource Management, UBC). In 2002 Sebastian owned and managed a 20-year old Vancouver-based company, The Sheltair Group. Sheltair was widely recognised as the leading professional firm in Canada working on sustainable development projects for cities. More recently he formed the Consensus Institute, a think-tank dealing with issues of resource management and ecological design.

Richard Smith, MFA, MSW, PhD | Assistant Professor, School of Social Work | Wayne State University

smith_final_1Dr. Smith is a faculty member of the Wayne State University School of Social Work. His research interests include sustainable community development, inequality, and migration. Dr. Smith’s research is published in the Administration in Social Work, Social Work, and Progress in Community Health Partnerships. He currently serves as a core advisor for the International Ecocity Framework and Standards project of Ecocity Builders, Inc.

Dr. Costis Toregas | School of Engineering and Applied Science, Department of Computer Science | The George Washington University

costis-toregasDr. Toregas is the Associate Director of the GW Cyber Security Policy and Research Institute. He has led non-profit Public Technology Inc. for more than 35 years, advocating for the creation and deployment of new innovative technologies for local governments in partnership with the private sector. Dr. Toregas is a facilitator for the Eye on Earth effort led by the Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative and the United Nations Environment Program. He is also AGEDI Creative Director for ECOCITY 2015.

Keith DeCristo | Cinematographer | Aerial Camera Operator

Keith_DeCristo_vanity_shotKeith is an innovative cinematographer dedicated to making thought-provoking, powerful documentaries that inspire people to fight for positive changes in the world. His work has been seen on ABC, Animal Planet, BET, CBS, Discovery Networks, Nat Geo, and NBC. His 2013 documentary ‘The Minds of Mississippi’ earned him an award for directing at the Best Shorts Competition in California. Keith is working on an EWM documentary following the ecocitizen experts into pilot city neighborhoods.

Cairo Team

Dr. Sahar Attia | Professor of Architecture & Urban Design | Cairo University

dr-sahar-attiaDr. Attia is currently the Head of the department of Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University. Her specializations and fields of interest include Urban Development & Strategic Planning, Community Development, Heritage Conservation and Urban Regeneration, Upgrading the Informal Areas, and Governance. 
She is a steering committee member in the UN Habitat Network Initiative (UNI).

Dr. Heba Allah Essam El-Din Khalil | Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering | Cairo University

heba-khalilDr. Khalil is a team leader for EcoCitizen World Map Project. She has pursued scientific research in various fields including community development, participatory evaluation, informal areas development, energy efficient strategies in urban planning, sustainable urbanism, green rating systems, affordable housing, quality of life, strategic planning and urban metabolism. She is currently working for UN-HABITAT in strategic planning for cities and city regions in Egypt and for the League of Arab States to prepare an Arab strategy for sustainable development.

Casablanca Team

Tarik Nesh-Nash | EWM Technical Manager, Ushahidi | EWM Academic Manager, Mundiapolis University

Tarik NeshnashTarik is an Ashoka fellow on the use of technology on citizen engagement for democracy and good governance. He is the CEO of Software Centre, and heads the research center of ‘ICT for good governance’ at Mundiapolis University. He holds a master’s degree on Computer Sciences from University of Washington and a Bachelor degree in Law. Tarik is managing the technical implementation of the Ushahidi project, and managing the academic course of Ecocity at Mundiapolis University.

Zineb Mahrez | EWM Coordinator | Mundiapolis University

Zineb-MAHREZZineb is the coordinator of Ecocitizen World Map Project in Mundiapolis University. She holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from ENSA in 2012. Zineb helped to manage multiple projects in several areas, particularly optimization of electric consumption, management of maintenance activities and management of logistic flows within multinational companies.

Hind El Abdellaoui | EWM Intern | Software Centre

Hind-El-AbdallaouiHind El Abdellaoui is a pedagogical engineer. She is having an internship at Software Centre on the project team “Ecocitizen World Map Project”. She is currently preparing her specialized master’s degree in Engineering Educational Multimedia at the ”Ecole Normale Supérieure” of Tetouan. She received a certificate of higher technician in Computer Engineering, and holds her first degree in Computer Management.

Salma Galdi | Pedagogical Engineer | EWM

Salma-GaldiSalma Galdi is a pedagogical engineer in the project team “Ecocitizen World Map Project”. She is currently preparing her Master’s degree in Multimedia Teaching Engineering at “Ecole Normale Supérieure” of Tétouan. She holds a certificate of Higher Technician BTS Computer Engineering from the ENS of Tetouan, and received her first degree in computer management from the polydisciplinary faculty of Tetouan. Her academic background provides her varied knowledge in several areas, including computing, education, and management.

Dr. Aawatif Hayar | Secretary General | GREENTIC R&D

AawatifHAYARPNG-1Dr. Aawatif Hayar is the secretary general of GREENTIC R&D and an expert in cognitive green ICT field, and a member of the think-tank ‘Casablanca Avant Garde City’. Dr. Hayar received with honors a Ph.D. degree in Signal Processing and Communications from Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse.

Amadou Tidiane Diallo | EWM Web Developer | Software Centre

Amadou-Tidiane-DialloAmadou is a Web developer at Software Centre. He has a master’s degree in software engineering at Faculty of Sciences and Technics of Tangier. Amadou is the main developer of the Ecocity Ushahidi website.

Dr. Mohammed Barkaoui | Vice-President & Head of Engineering School | Mundiapolis University

BarkaouiDr. Barkaoui is currently Vice-President and Head of Engineering School at Mundiapolis University Casablanca-Morocco. He served as an expert for the European commission in research projects evaluation (Fifth framework program) (PCRD, INCOMED). He coordinated two Tempus Projects at the university: innovation “UNCHAIN” and “Leadership in Higher Education Management” And the ETF program on Entrepreneurship in Higher Education. He is also the President of the research center of Green ICT.

Chakir Elhamdaoui | Engineer Web Developer | Software Centre

chakir-ElhamdaouiChakir is an Engineer Web Developer at Software Centre. He has more than three years of experience in development projects and is involved in searching and learning new technologies and platforms. Chakir has carried out many web projects, and his diverse skills include: Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence, Web Hosting, Cryptography, Code Generators (TierDeveloper, CodeFluent) Ushahidi platform, CMS Realty (Real Estate), Exploitation of facebook API, Windows Azure (Microsoft cloud computing).